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weed control newtownabbey

Chemical weed control from £5

Licenced & professional service.

There are two things that make a house look unloved very quickly. One is the grass not being cut and the other is weeds taking root in every crevis. These are the two principle services we offer, routine and one off grass cutting and routine and one off weed spraying.

A weed is basically vegetation growing where it is not meant to. A weed can be the usual suspects like Dandelions and chickweed or a self sown shrub or tree. If you go into Belfast or look at the old Budget DIY site at Abbey Centre you can see hundreds of Buddleas that have self sown. Buddleas common name is the butterfly bush and is a gardeners favorite because they have beautiful long flower spikes that attract butterflies. However when self seeded plants grow wild they are weeds and can do alot of damage. Ash trees and sycamores are common self seeders that will grow in any scrap of dirt they can find. Then you've got your really destructive weeds called noxious weeds like Mares Tail, Himalayian Ballsam and Japanese Knotweed. This group of weeds are actually illegal to have on your property and can be highly destructive to foundations etc. or like Giant Hogweed can be even dangerous to your health.

We can kill all these different types of weeds and are licenced to use the weedkillers to get the job done.

A misunderstanding that some people have is that if you spray an area once then thats you sorted for the year. However, weed seeds are in the air and bird poop etc. and so weeds keep on coming. This is why we offer a routine spraying program from just £5 an applcation. This kills of the newly germinating weeds and keeps your garden looking the way it should. Its definetly a cost effective way to keep weeds at bay. Most of the domestic weed killers on the market are under strength and quite expensive. We buy professional weed killer in bulk and so can be very competitive in our pricing. As part of our garden services we can also put stone or bark down in beds to provide a mulch type weed barrier. We can also rejoint paving etc. to keep the dreaded weed at bay. Please give us a call if you think we can be of any help. Thanks James

garden bark and plants in newtownabbey
weed spraying in newtownabbey
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Cutting Grass, mowing lawns, spraying weeds, cutting hedges and other garden services and landscaping in Newtownabbey, Belfast, Carrickfergus, sunnylands, Woodburn, victoria, Clipperstown, Trooperslane, Seascape, Eden, Whitehead, Ballycarry, Greenisland, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Fernagh, Rathcoole, Whitebbebbey, Glenville, Carnmoney, Glengormley, Mallusk, Bellvue, Farmley, Elmfield, Mallusk, Blackrock, Hydepark, Roughfort, Antrim Road, Shore Road, Whitewell, Whitecity, serpentine, Throne, Longlands, Skegoneil, Glandore, Ballysillan, Silverstream, Crumlin Road, Abbeydale, Somerdale.

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