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Professional Tree Surgeons

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We have been landscaping and maintaining gardens for years, but our passion has always been for tree work. 

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To protect your lawn, deck etc we will often use track mats to protect vulnerable surfaces as can be seen in the photo of Luke above.

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We also do tree work in agricultural and other commercial settings and so are open to enquiries of this nature. Commercial jobs are often carried out by the Commercial side of the business which operates under the name James Sheridan Contracts Limited.

We offer a full range of tree care services including trimming, thinning, pruning, coppicing, crown reductions, felling etc.
From a few overhanging branches off the neighbours tree through to full site clearance with stump removal we are happy to quote for it all. 

treework in glengormley.jpeg

Of course sometimes wind and disease have their way and trees come down all on their own and so this is why we recommend surveying any suspect trees and offering preventative pruning to take the weight out the head or remove limbs that might be prone to give way.

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tree chips into pile newtownabbey.jpeg

In tight spaces we will often bring the tree down in little sections or set up rigging to bring the tree down in larger sections.

windfall in antrim.jpeg

We try to work quickly to remove storm damage and because we are also involved in aspects of landscaping we can often help you to reinstate your garden afterwards.

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tree pruning in newtownabbey.jpeg
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